Projects: Sherpas and Everest


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Himalayan Trust

Half a century of giving back

Mt. Everest - all 29,035 inspiring feet.

Sir Ed with son Peter

The exquisite Tengboche Monastery in the heart of the Khumbu.

AHF’s longstanding partnership with the late Sir Edmund Hillary and his Himalayan Trust is one that we cherish.  When our chairman Richard Blum first met Sir Ed more than thirty years ago, his work with the Sherpas – which he often called the most important of his life – was already underway.  He needed partners, and we said yes. Over the past three decades, we have been the Trust’s steadfast partner in their work: support for 63 schools, where more than 6,000 Sherpa children receive a good education; medical care at 13 clinics and two hospitals; reforestation that has resulted in 2 million new trees; and support and restoration for Tengboche and Thame monasteries.

2011 marked the 50th anniversary for Khumjung School, the first school built by Sir Ed, and it coincided with our growing focus on education with the Himalayan Trust.  We fund books and supplies for the 63 schools; teacher training, including English language training; teacher’s salaries; college scholarships; and the all-important components of school lunches for the Kumjung School hostel – a cook, and food stipends for the poorest kids.  

Of everywhere we have worked, we have seen that Sherpas make some of the best use of their education.  They believe, and they have proven, over and over, that education is the key to their future.  Graduates of the first class of Khumjung have become pilots, doctors, environmental leaders, and the director of the Himalayan Trust. They have done this while keeping their cultural identity strong. It’s the best legacy our dear friend Sir Edmund Hillary could have hoped for.

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