STOP Girl Trafficking

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Prevention is rescue without the suffering.

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Stop Girl Trafficking News

Blog: All in the family

In Mahadev, 47 STOP Girl Trafficking students and their families are thankful for more than just their blue bags of emergency rations.

Blog: Finding a voice

Manju Joshi endured months of abuse in India before she was rescued and enrolled in STOP Girl Trafficking.

AHF Family: Sam Mehta

Suresh (Sam) Mehta is a retired corporate executive with a life-long passion for photography, the outdoors and adventure travel. He has traveled extensively in the Himalayas and recently spent three years there taking pictures and gathering stories for his excellent Himalayas: People and Places.

AHF Family: Girls Saving Girls

Kennedy, a sophomore at Branson School in California, wanted to help girls in Nepal whose crushing poverty put them in danger of being trafficked. What did she do? She organized girls in her school into a club that keeps poor Nepali girls safe and in school with AHF’s Project: Stop Girl Trafficking.